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I'll try to post a balanced range of comments I see / receive. Some people get what they feel is outstanding service even when their units are out of warranty, others...

Please add to your website how they sell software like Metroguide Australia for megabucks, but never update it. Does the price go down as it gets more and more out of date? No. Current version is circa 2001/2002. I'm better of with a no-maps non-Garmin GPS receiver and a paper map book.

(RE: Bluechart map unlocking) You didn't read the license before you agreed to it. Yep. that's the way it works. Don't like it, vote with your wallet.

Strange, isn't it..? I've had nothing but excellent support from Garmin. I phoned them today to ask if the double rubber plug that seals the external antenna and USB sockets on my 2610 was available as a spare part, as mine has broken off through continual use. No problem, the guy on the phone said, I'll get one in the post to you today, FOC.

Can't argue with service like that in my book.

I do agree though Colin about the policy of selling maps, but there it is :-(

(From a thread about unlocking)
Exactly! 2 is all you get. No returns, No refunds. I love their equipment. But I feel they rape you for the maps.
I couldn't believe that I had to pay for updates. That's wrong if you ask me.

The 276C which is fairly recent uses their own memory cards ... milking the customer is one thing that comes in to mind :(

IIRC, CompactFlash preceeded Garmin's first GPS with memory cards. The motive for a proprietary card is simple profiteering. Whether or not that dissuades you from buying a product that uses proprietary cards is a personal decision.

14th Feb 2005 - A quick note from me again...

One european vendor briefly had City Select 7 for sale on their site, but by the time I got chance to order, it had disappeared from their site - upon asking, I got this reply:

Dear Colin:

Unfortunately we cannot sell it alone anymore, you must buy the navkit for your GPS if you'd like to have it...

Garmin has stoped supplying Portugal for city selects stand alone.

Kind regards,
Aspid Portugal, Lda

Thanks a fucking bunch Garmin - what more is there to say...

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